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The dream comes true–start for the new beginning

Nafrialdi,1 Felix F. Widjaja2



pISSN: 0853-1773 • eISSN: 2252-8083

http://dx.doi.org/10.13181/mji.v25i1.1413 Med J Indones. 2016;25:1–2


Author affiliation:

1 Editor-in-chief, Medical Journal of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia

2 Journal manager, Medical Journal of Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia


Corresponding author:


E-mail: nafrialdi.phd@ui.ac.id



For a local scientific journal such as the Medical Journal of Indonesia (MJI), being indexed in an international indexing company is an important target towards which all the efforts should be directed. This will be resulted in a greater visibility by the readers, hence increases the citation of the published articles that actually the important thing of being publish. Last December 2015 this dream is finally comes true as the content selection and advisory board of Scopus sent an email stating that this journal is accepted to be indexed in the Scopus. Thus, this issue represents the first edition where the MJI would be acknowledged as a journal with international reputation by the Indonesian Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education.

This important event brings a special glory, not only for editorial board member or the head of the institution (Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia) along with German-Indonesian Medical Association, but we think also for most medical scientific communities in Indonesia. Since the acceptance of MJI in the Scopus means a wider chance for Indonesian writers is now open to publish their research or other works in a namely journal with international reputation. MJI is the second medical journal in Indonesia to be indexed in Scopus, after Acta Medica Indonesiana. Although not yet openly announced and not yet be available in the Scopus’s database, this good news is already widely acknowledged in the country as indicated by a significant increase of submitted manuscript. This reflects an enthusiasm of the writers to publish their hard work in MJI.

For us as editorial board member, this change represents a very important corner stone that enables us to improve the quality of our journal. The old paradigm of “egg and hen” has been experienced by us. In order to improve the quality, submission of good papers is absolutely important. On the other hand, the trust of potential writers is much dependent on the availability of the journal in indexing system. With no inclusion of well-known indexing system that will make MJI as “journal with international reputation”, the writers with good quality works are reluctant to submit their manuscript. This vicious circle seemed very hardly interruptible.

In the early 2015, the MJI has tried its second effort to register in the Scopus—a well-known indexing system, after being failed three years ago. Intensive improvement in the information and technology system, journal management, working system, as well as consolidation of editorial member, have been attempted in order to reach this big dream. And finally, this effort is fruitful.

Besides this important gain, this achievement however, never means a relief of tension. This is a new start for us to make the journal to be acknowledged not only nationally but also internationally. Journal is a tool for the researchers to publish and “promote” their works. MJI always try to help author to publish their works in a good quality and to be read and cited widely by other researchers.

The primary purpose of this journal is to share knowledge, hence we published this journal as an open access journal. Along with this, we also remind that the research itself, writing, review, editorial processes should be done ethically. The publication ethics of MJI are shown in http://mji.ui.ac.id/journal/index.php/mji/ pages/view/pubethics as we adopted it from Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). We are sure that this obligation will improve the quality of the journal thus spreading the “right” knowledge.

Nowadays, much heavier workloads are now on our shoulders. Development of the publishing system grows rapidly. We always try to enhance and follow the relevant development in order to enhance the journal quality. We have to run much faster and work much harder, and harmonious concert of works from all stake holders are necessary to maintain these path while targeting the next perspective to improve the journal’s impact factor and to be accepted in other distinguished indexing systems. Along with this editorial, we also would like to invite medical writers and researchers all over the worlds to cooperate with us in publishing your great work in MJI.