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Erratum: The use of high-resolution melting techniques for mutation screening of diseases caused by trinucleotide repeats expansion, with emphasis on the AR gene

Achmad Zulfa Juniarto, Mahayu Dewi Ariani, Stefani Harumsari, Nurin Aisyiyah Listyasari, Hardian, Agustini Utari, Sultana Muhammad Hussein Faradz




Correction to: Medical Journal of Indonesia. 2019;28(2):116–22. https://doi.org/10.13181/mji.v28i2.3008


In the original version of this article, the phrase in the “Conclusions” section was incorrectly typed as “could not be” and should be “could be”. Thus the correct sentence is “This study revealed that CAG repeat expansion in the AR gene in DSD cases is scarce in the Indonesian population; nevertheless, the CAG repeat expansion could be identified in one SBMA case.” The article has now been revised and appeared correctly.