New update for Instruction for Authors Medical Journal of Indonesia


We would like to thank all the authors who have trusted us in publishing in Medical Journal of Indonesia. The latest update of our authors' guideline is in March 2019. Some additional requirements are:

  1. Cover letter is needed and addressed to Editor-in-chief which should contain statement about all previous submissions of the manuscript and previous reports that might be regarded as redundant publication of the work and mention whether the work have been presented in a congress.
  2. We encourage authors to register all clinical trial to any registration and if you can not provided, you need to explain it also in the cover letter.
  3. Funding sources need to be written separately.
  4. Symbols in tables or figures are in sequence. *, †, ‡, §, ¶, **, ††, ‡‡, §§,  ¶¶, etc
  5. Abstract in Indonesian language and synopsis are no longer needed.
  6. Start from 2019, all authors will be written completely without any abbreviation. The complete address of the corresponding author (include full address, tel/fax number of the institution) will also be printed.

For complete instructions please see it here.