Disseminated tuberculosis diagnosed first as leptospirosis in immunocompetent patient

Erni J. Nelwan, Juferdy Kuniawan, Mirna N. Praptini, Herdiman T. Pohan

DOI: https://doi.org/10.13181/mji.v24i4.1266


Disseminated tuberculosis, mostly seen in immunocompromised patient, can affect several organs. The diagnosis can be difficult due to various clinical manifestations. A case of disseminated tuberculosis of lung and liver that develops acutely is rare especially in immunocompetent patient. Here, we present a 42 year old immunocompetent woman with lung and hepatic tuberculosis which was confirmed by characteristics histopathological findings of the liver biopsy.


acute onset; disseminated tuberculosis; immunocompetent

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