3rd Advanced Scientific Writing Workshop (Update)


3rd ASWW

Advanced Scientific Writing Workshop (ASWW) is a scientific writing course made for scientists who want to become more effective writers with an in-depth discussion using practical examples and exercises. This course provides you opportunities to bring your own manuscript and discuss it with the experts. The skills learned from this course may help you understand how to be a good writer, identify the common mistakes made in scientific writings, and learn ethical issues in scientific publications.

The 3rd ASWW will be held on May 24-25, 2022 via Zoom. This is an online course; all learning courses can be accessed online prior to D-day, while the discussion and plenary will be held in a live format on Zoom.

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Join now: bit.ly/The3rdASWW
For any questions: mjioffice01@gmail.com or wa.me/+628111400115